Program to find the simple interest

Here’s a C program that calculates the simple interest based on the principal amount, rate of interest, and time period:

					#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  // Declare variables
  float principal, rate, time, simple_interest;

  // Get input from user
  printf("Enter principal amount: ");
  scanf("%f", &principal);

  printf("Enter rate of interest: ");
  scanf("%f", &rate);

  printf("Enter time in years: ");
  scanf("%f", &time);

  // Calculate simple interest
  simple_interest = (principal * rate * time) / 100;

  // Print simple interest
  printf("Simple interest = %f\n", simple_interest);

  return 0;

C Program To Find Simple Interest
  • This program first declares four variables: principal, rate, time, and simple_interest. The principal variable stores the principal amount, the rate variable stores the rate of interest, the time variable stores the time in years, and the simple_interest variable stores the simple interest.

  • The program then gets input from the user for the principal amount, the rate of interest, and the time in years.

  • The program then calculates the simple interest using the formula simple_interest = (principal * rate * time) / 100.

  • The program then prints the simple interest to the console.

  • You can change the values of the variables in the program to calculate simple interest for different amounts, rates, and times.

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