Operating System Practical List


Sr. Practical Title Answer
1 Study of Advance commands and filters of Linux/UNIX Solution
2 Write a shell script to generate marksheet of a student. Take 3 subjects, calculate and display total marks, percentage and Class obtained by the student Solution
3 Write a shell script to display multiplication table of given number Solution
4 Write a shell script to find factorial of given number n. Solution
5 Write a shell script which will accept a number b and display first n prime numbers as output. Solution
6 Write a shell script which will generate first n fibonnacci numbers like: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 13, … Solution
7 Write a menu driven shell script which will print the following menu and execute the given task.

  1. Display calendar of current month
  2. Display today’s date and time
  3. Display usernames those are currently logged in the system
  4. Display your name at given x, y position
  5. Display your terminal number
8 Write a shell script to read n numbers as command arguments and sort them in descending order. Solution
9 Write a shell script to display all executable files, directories and zero sized files from current directory. Solution
10 Write a shell script to check entered string is palindrome or not. Solution
11 Shell programming using filters (including grep, egrep, fgrep) Solution
12 Study of Unix Shell and Environment Variables. Solution
13 Write a shell script to validate the entered date. (eg. Date format is : dd-mm-yyyy). Solution
14 Write an awk program using function, which convert each word in a given text into capital. Solution
15 Write a program for process creation using C. (Use of gcc compiler). Solution
16 Study of Basic commands of Linux/UNIX. Solution