GTU Advance Java Practical


Sr. Title of Practical Answer
1 Implement TCP Server for transferring files using Socket and ServerSocket. Solution
2 Implement cookies to store firstname and lastname using Java server pages. Solution
3 Implement the shopping cart for users for the online shopping. Apply the concept of session. Solution
4 Implement student registration form with enrollment number, first name, last name, semester, contact number. Store the details in database. Also implement search, delete and modify facility for student records. Solution
5 Write a Servlet program to print system date and time. Solution
6 Design a web page that takes the Username from user and if it is a valid username prints “Welcome Username”. Use JSF to implement. Solution
7 Write Hibernate application to store customer records and retrieve the customer record including name, contact number, address. Solution
8 Write an application to keep record and retrieve record of student. The record includes student id, enrollment number, semester, SPI. Use MVC arechitecture. Solution